Pokémon Survivor: Santalune Forest
Santalune Forest
Filming Location Santalune Forest, Kalos
Season Run May 27 – late June, 2014
Survivors 20
Winner TBA
Runner(s)-up TBA
Tribes ██ Fluvetin
██ Sucroquin
Opening Sequence
Series Chronology
Previous Season Pokémon Survivor: All-Stars

Survivor: Santalune Forest is the eighth season of Pokémon Survivor, and the first season after the Winter 2013 Hiatus. It was hosted by Grovyle, with series creator Bowling4fun as an assistant moderator.


  • Expanded Cast: For the first time since Pokémon Survivor: Hoenn Safari, only new contestants will compete. Also for the first time since Hoenn Safari, the contestants will be divided into two tribes of ten members each.
  • Generation VI Pokémon: This is the first season held after the release of Generation VI, and as such the first season where the majority of Generation VI Pokémon are eligible.
  • Tribe Names: The tribes are named Fluvetin and Sucroquin, after the French names of Spritzee and Swirlix respectively.


User Pokémon Original Tribe Finish Votes Against
Zuelke Chikorita Fluvetin
ziggyzaggy16 Dewott Fluvetin
BBobsessor Dragonair Fluvetin
meduncan Florges Fluvetin
Giraffez Girafarig Fluvetin
Dinosauro27 Luxio Fluvetin
flamergamer8 Magmar Fluvetin
Guigi Manaphy Fluvetin
bigdizzleyomama Shuppet Fluvetin
zh1999 Sunflora Fluvetin
SirNiceGuy Chespin Sucroquin
jtotalturtle Cyndaquil Sucroquin
totaldramalover3032 Dustox Sucroquin
LordJza Gastrodon Sucroquin
badbeetch Lilligant Sucroquin
AlanDuncan Lopunny Sucroquin
zachboy967 Manectric Sucroquin
shililo Pidgeot Sucroquin
Tigger Vaporeon Sucroquin
laughingoutloud Wobbuffet Sucroquin

Season SummaryEdit

Episode Title Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
1 "Painting a Pretty Picture" [Dewott] TBA 1st Voted Out
Day 3
2 TBA [Chespin] TBA 2nd Voted Out
Day 6


  • This season's logo is a deliberate throwback to the logo of Pokémon Survivor: Viridian Forest, using the same eyecatch as the background image. This is to mark the "new beginning" of the series, and also a reference to how the layouts of Viridian Forest and Santalune Forest are nearly identical.